Jayden Scrubb was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He grew up on the West End of Louisville in the projects. His father Jason wanted to keep him away from drugs, violence and gangs, so he turned him to sports at an early age to avoid trouble.


Jayden grew up playing baseball and basketball in Louisville. Entering his freshman year at Central High School, he would become academically ineligible and not able to play sports. His family was faced with a choice; leave Jayden around his childhood friends and continue to go down the wrong road or find a solution. His family agreed that it would be in his best interest to move out of the west end of Louisville and put him up for adoption to a family that could provide him with the help that he needed.

This led to Jay dedicating his entire sophomore year to overcoming his academic struggles at one of the most prestigious schools in the state of Kentucky, Trinity High School. During that time, Jay grew to 6’6 and became eligible to play. He would be named the “Seventh Region Player of the Year” both his junior and senior year, as well as runner up for “Mr. Basketball” for the state of Kentucky. Although Jay’s academics improved, he still was ruled ineligible to play Division 1 Basketball.

Jay signed and attended John A. Logan Junior College in Illinois. His freshman year, he would earn JUCO Player of the Year by shooting 46% from 3-point range and averaging 20 ppg. The summer going into his Sophomore year at Logan, Jay was invited to the FIBA Under 19 Basketball World Cup where he excelled among the nation’s best. He went on to repeat this past season as JUCO Player of the Year, averaging 22 ppg.


Currently, Jayden “Jay” Scrubb has officially declared for the NBA Draft, signing with EZ Sports Group, and is one of top prospects at 19 years old. He could be taken as the highest draft pick of a Junior College player in NBA history.